There's still space on both our five-day breaks to Spain:
March 16 to 21 - Bustards in Central Spain
Cheap flights still available with Ryanair to Valladolid (2.79 plus taxes in each direction), so if you fancy visiting the best area for great bustards in Europe, this is you chance. Inclusive cost is 500. Two places left.
June 16 to 21 - Birds and butterflies in the foothills of the Pyrenees
Again, cheap flights still available with Ryanair. We should see a rich variety of butterflies, as well as lammergeiers and many other exciting birds. Inclusive cost 550. Two places left.
Both trips will be using top-quality hotels (paradores or similar). Maximum group size is nine.
Unfortunately, we have decided to drop our plans to visit California, and the Gourmet Birds Suffolk weekend. We are hoping that Fleur the spaniel will be having puppies in mid-April, so May looks likely to be a busy month.
Our first holiday of 2006 to Almeria produced some excellent birdwatching, and we found out target bird (trumpeter finch) with ease. However, we were appalled by the huge acreage of plastic greenhouses now covering so much of Almeria, growing out of season vegetables for northern Europe.
Hoopoe in Almeria
Trumpeter  finch
We already have plans for an autumn visit to Falsterbo in Sweden, but we are also considering a week in Cyprus in September. If you are interested in joining us there please let us know.
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