Newsletter June 2000

WHERE is the best birdwatching in the world? It’s a question I have often been asked, and my answer is Kenya. It really is a birdwatchers’ paradise, and this autumn we plan to go back to this magical country, our first visit for eight years. This will be a very special safari, staying in the best lodges: just two places are left.

Every year we run our popular excursion to Champagne to see the cranes. Our trip this March booked up so quickly that we have decided to run a second holiday this year, in early November. A visit to the area at the same time last autumn produced some spectacular birding. We go back again as usual in March.

Over the years we have run a small number of holidays in Britain. We are planning another in 2001, with a long weekend in North Norfolk. Expect good food and birds, if not weather.

After three years in a row, there’s no Eastern European destination featured in our programme next year. However, our spring 2000 trip to Hungary and Slovakia was a great success, so we are sure to be heading back east in 2002.

Lastly, we all enjoy a bit of flattery, so I hope you won’t think it conceited if I quote what James Roberts says about Gourmet Birds and its leaders in his new book, Romania, a birdwatching and wildlife guide. "All tours are led by the jovial and patrician David Tomlinson, assisted by wife Jan. David, in my experience, works harder in the field than any other leader to find birds – also butterflies." As James has worked with numerous other wildlife travel companies, from Sunbird to The Travelling Naturalist, we feel that this is praise indeed.

David Tomlinson